Business Cards

Business Cards

Project Description

A business card is something that is used as a point of call, and even a reminder of how clients and customers can contact you. Business cards are the face for your business and can be extremely useful when networking at events.

More Information

Business cards are all about the design and how feel. The design of a business card can either make it or break it. We make sure that when we design your business cards it is not only purposeful but simple and effective.

Key Features:

  • Content: Generally on a business card we tend to sway more to the contact details and company details. However we have had times where a business card has been created for a specific purpose, a show or an event.
  • Size & Shape: Size and shape of a business card is down to preference. Generally we tend to use the traditional sizes and shapes. However we have had as per request different shapes and size.
  • Design: Design is a key factor when considering business cards. We make sure that throughout the design phase we are encompassing all elements of the business. Dependant on the business and purpose of the business card this brief may change.
  • Materials Used: Materials for business cards can vary hugely. There are traditional specifications of cards and weights of papers we use. However we do get unusual requests such as, plastic, wedge cards with weight of 1000g/sm.