Customer Support

Customer Support

Project Description

Offering customers support is a must. This is especially true when concerning technical help in relation to websites. It is important to take control and to resolve customer technical issues.

More Information

Our customer support section is a true testament to our dedicated service we offer our customers. All of our support is in-house. Meaning our support team all know about your project and your preferences.

Key Features:

  • Experts:  Having support from a third level support tech can be a terrible experience especially if they do not have the required knowledge in their field. All our employees at SabaKast are experts in our field and give full support at any level. Whether this be basic support to high level expert support.
  • Responsiveness: When you are in need you want it to be as quick as possible. You do not want to have to wait around to get something done. This is why our support system aims to contact you immediately once notified about your problems.
  • Consistent: Being consistent in the service industry is always a winner, you do not want a company who is sometimes helpful and at other times not. That is why we always consistently give excellent, expert advice all the time, every time.
  • Price: Dependant on your package we will either include support or have it as an add-on to your current services. Most of our service contracts are completely bespoke, so price is dependent on the current package and current requirements you may have.