Email Templates

Email Templates

Project Description

Email templates have become more mainstream in today’s working environment. As our ability to communicate has become more digital we find ourselves constantly trying to keep up with the trends. This is exactly where email templates come into play.

More Information

Email templates are very important when you communicate with your clients and customers. They have an almost seamless flow of what your business is about. They should be to the point and not too heavy. We ensure all of this is achieved whilst delivering you a modern design.

Key Features:

  • Coding: When developing email templates it is always best to use HTML “hypertext mark-up language”. This is so that all platforms that you send emails on, and all platforms that received your emails are able to read and view them correctly
  • Size: One of the most important factors when sending an email is the data size of the email. It is always key to keep the size down. We make sure that the size of the email templates are always kept down to a minimum.
  • Relevance: When designing an email template we have to make sure that we factor in certain criteria. The main and most important in relation to content is relevance. We have to make sure everything we include into the template is relevant and to the point.
  • Short and Simple: Although we need to have content on an email template, we do want to make sure that we have enough of the right content. We want to simplify this content and make sure it is to the point in relation to the business.