Online Advertising

Online Advertising

Project Description

Online advertising has forever been becoming more prevalent and significant. The amount of different types and way you are able to advertise online has varied dramatically in recent years. This is especially true when concerning social media derived website who now offer this feature embedded into their business models.

More Information

Online advertisement is almost like another attribute to social media. It allows for your website to get exposure at a cost. Online advertisement is dependent on who, where and when you want to target within the digital forum. We have expert knowledge on all advertisement platforms which will give you an edge over your competition.

Key Features:

  • Platform: Selecting a platform can be a daunting task, especially that there are now dozens of advertisement avenues online. Deciding on a platform comes down to preference and relevance. These are factors which will ultimately lead you to use one or the other types of platforms. Additionally you may find that you want to use multiple platforms concurrently.
  • Budget: A budget is based on your advertising campaign and how much you want to spend per day / per month. Dependant on your budget we can scope certain criteria for your advertisements directed at a particular type of demographic and territory.
  • Demographic: Understanding the demographic of your target audience is key to best suit your advertisements on specific platforms. Getting this right from the get go can be the difference between a successful campaign and not so successful campaign.
  • Territories: Certain territories can dramatically affect the successfulness of your online advertisements. Knowing where in the world there is high demand for your product and services, will always benefit you to developing and securing more business.