Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance

Project Description

Keeping your website updated is extremely important to the security, relevance and performance of your website. It is important to note that most website are compromised because administrators do not update websites. Maintenance is a good way of keeping your website bug free.

More Information

Maintaining your website can be extremely challenging, as it encompasses lots of computer knowledge that you need to be aware of. We are experts within our field, so website maintenance comes second nature to us.

Key Features:

  • Package:  Dependant on what you want, will be dependant on your package. We do not offer generalised packages when it comes to web maintenance. We encourage the use of bespoke web packages so that everything is tailored around your solution.
  • Price: Again price is all dependant on what your package is and what needs you have. Once we have made a bespoke package for your requirements, we can then arrange an agreed price plan.
  • Backup: Backups are extremely important when it comes to websites. We will organise with you a date or duration of a backup procedure. We make sure we manually do backups server side as to not miss or corrupt any data.
  • Updates: Updates are incredibly important, not only to allow your website to display new features, updates can be used to make sure there are no irregularities within the code. These irregularities could be bugs found in the code or, code that was not properly vetted leading to your website becoming compromised.